MicroBee 32

MicroBee 32


Первоначально выпускался в виде набора для сборки. Поставлялся со встроенным текстовым редактором, BASICом и программным обеспечением для связи по последовательному порту.

Around 1978 Owen Hill teamed up with an electronic components company, Applied Technology of Hornsby (Sydney), для выпуска небольшого, им созданного компьютера. Applied Technology had been previously producing kits in Australia for S100 boards. The Microbee was released as a kit in 1982 on the cover of Your Computer magazine, the manual was included free with the magazine. They were an immediate hit, being quite a powerful little system given the cost.

Applied Technology eventually changed their name to Microbee Systems, and sold ready-made versions. Их главным рынком (especially for the 32) были австраллийские школы, which had the Microbee recommended as the preferred system.

За несколько лет появилось несколько разновидностей компьютера "Microbee 32". У ранних моделей был (PLUS series) монохромный дисплей and clock rate at 2 Mhz. Later ones (Colour/IC series), from june 1983, included colour and 3.375 Mhz clock rate.

Different models:
  • 32k Home built - 2mHz clock, Z80
  • 32k IC (with EDASM) - 3.375 mHz clock. All later Z80 Microbees run at this speed though many were over clocked up to 6 mHz.
  • 32k Personal Communicator (with Basic, Telcom terminal program and Wordbee - a word processor in ROM)
  • 32k PC85 (Word processor, Basic, Spreadsheet, Database in ROM) - the last of the line for ROM based machines - very neat and with built in networking.
  • Следом за "Microbee 32" были выпущены модели Microbee 56, 64 и 128. There were all disk based systems using CP/M. The Microbee 128 was intended as a high-end business system. There were also two really keen prototype systems, the Gamma and the Delta, which were intended to compete with the Amigas, but problems within the company led to their cancellation not long before the company's collapse.

    Карта памяти: 0000 to 3FFF - USER RAM 16 KB
    4000 to 7FFF - USER RAM 32 KB
    8000 to BFFF - Microworld Level II Basic
    C000 to DFFF - Wordbee/Edasm optional ROM
    E000 to F000 - Network/Monitor option
    F000 to F3FF - Memory mapped VDU
    F400 to F7FF - Spare RAM
    F800 to FFFF - PCG RAM

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