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PET 2001

PET 2001



Название "PET", besides being a marketing ploy to imply a user-friendly machine, расшифровывается также как "Personal Electronic Translator".

"Commodore PET 2001" завоевал огромную популярность. Было выпущено три модели: PET 2001-8N с 8 KB RAM, PET 2001-16N с 16 KB RAM и PET 2001-32N. They were conceived by Chuck Peddle, позже основавшим фирму "Tandon".

The "CBM PET 3032" стал наследником компьютера "PET 2001-32N" (и обладает такими же характеристиками, как и PET 2001-32N), and the predecessor of the CBM 40000 Series.

Дисковые накопители были "интеллектуальными", они работали под управлением микропроцессора CPU (MOS 6502), обладали внутренней памятью RAM (4 KB) & ROM (16KB, which contains the DOS). The 4032 and the 4016 (версия компьютера "CBM 4000" с 16 KB ОЗУ (RAM)) were sold with a 80 column dot matrix printer (5x8 character matrix). This printer (4022) was an Epson printer with the Commodore name on it. The Commodore 8000 series was a "bundle". It was made up of the computer (most often the CBM 8032, though other models were made), the 5.25" double disk drive CBM 8050 (500 KB, 77 tracks) and the bi-directional 132 columns, 160 CPS printer. The 8050 has two 6502's, 4 KB of RAM and 12 KB of ROM (где записана DOS). It was sold with Ozz - a Database, and a version of the spreadsheet "Visicalc".

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