PREFACE to the First Edition

It will readily be apparent that this is a first edition, and inevitably gaps exist in the narrative. I would welcome any additional information, however insignificant it may be, that might expand and improve on this first effort. Equally if any errors have crept in that the reader can correct I would be grateful to hear from you.

If together we can aspire to a definitive history, the effort of producing this First Edition will not have been in vain.

Jonathan Haworth
Cambridge - October 1989

PREFACE to the Second Edition

It is now three years since the First Edition of this book. Above all I must thank all those who have provided me with press cuttings and further information since 1989. A wealth of material has come to light, with the result that the text of this edition is now three times the length of the first. And yet I am sure there is still more to be learnt...

Thanks to improving technology, I have also been able to illustrate this edition. I trust this will meet with the reader's approval.

As ever any errors are mine; once again I would be grateful for your comments, criticisms and corrections.

Jonathan Haworth
November 1992

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